Stimulate leading edge fundamental and applied research, based on excellence as measured by international standards, in areas critical to Canada.


Micronet’s Research Program is focused on two main components:

  • Precompetitive Research Program
  • Short Term Research and Development (STRAD) ProgramThe Precompetitive Research Program:
    • Focuses on generic long term research of interest to all member companies.
    • Carried out by 78 faculty members and 386 graduate students and research staff from 19 universities working in close cooperation with industry and government laboratories.

    The funding level for the Precompetitive research program is $3M/Year.

    The Short Term Research and Development (STRAD) Program:

  • Addresses the short term needs of individual industrial members.
  • Matches research and development topics proposed by industrial members with university investigators.
  • Projects supported through this program receive at least 50% of their funding from the industrial partner in the form of a contract. Micronet matches industrial contributions, up to a maximum of $50,000 per project, per year.
    • A key feature of this program is the fast turnaround in funding decisions (less than 1 month).