Precompetitive Research Program

The Precompetitive Research Program is focused on generic long-term research of interest to all member companies within the Network. The budget for the program stands at approximately $3.2 million/year. NCE contributes 64%, eMPOWR contributes 15.5% and Industry contributes 20.5% of the funding for the Program. The research work is carried out by 84 faculty members and 402 graduate students and research staff from 19 universities working in close cooperation with industry and government laboratories. The precompetitive research program funds 53 projects addressing thrusts in the Devices, Circuits and Systems areas.

The Program is described in the chart below and its overall focus is the implementation of

“System on a Chip (SOC)”
The six key driving applications for the research projects listed in the chart are crucial to the future competitiveness of Micronet’s industrial members. The program was redefined over the 2000-2001 fiscal year.

The program ties together research work in microelectronic devices, circuits and systems area in a coordinated and vertically integrated manner.

The major coordinated thrusts currently underway are:


  • Deep Submicron Device Design, Modeling and Characterization (Devices)
  • High Speed/Low Voltage/Low Power Analog and Digital Circuits (Circuits)
  • Real Time Signal Processing Systems (Systems)