Short Term R&D Program

The Short Term R&D Program (STRAD) addresses the short term needs of individual industrial members. Due to the proprietary nature of the projects, industry is expected to match Micronet’s contribution to individual projects.

  • Objective
    • To promote short term research and development projects in areas of interest to Micronet industrial members.
  • Description
  • Matches up research and development topics suggested by industrial members of Micronet with university investigators. Topics are expected to be of a short term nature.
  • Participating industry must contribute (cash contribution) at least 50% of the funding to the project in the form of a contract. The remaining 50% will come from Micronet in the form of a matching grant.
  • The research and development projects are expected to be suitable as Masters’ level theses (but are not restricted to that purpose) and to run for a maximum of one year. The total funding per project cannot exceed $100,000/year.
  • Micronet’s contribution will consist of matching up the university investigators with the industrial partners, assisting in the contract negotiation phase, evaluating proposals, recommending funding and tracking the project’s progress.
  • An overview of the program is provided in the flow chart.
    • The relevant sections of the Network Agreement which apply to the STRAD (articles 12.5 and 16) are attached.
  • Benefits
  • Satisfy the need of Micronet industrial members for quick turnaround on funding of short-term research and development projects.
  • Give a monetary incentive (through the contract) to the university investigators to carry out research with industry.
  • Provide funding for graduate students through the matching grant from Micronet.
    • Enhance the ability of small industry to become a beneficiary of Micronet’s precompetitive research (create receptor capacity in small industry).