Technology Transfer

Personnel Development:

Micronet is meeting the increasing industrial demand for highly trained personnel. Over the last five years the Network has graduated annually an average of 48 Master and 24 Ph.D. students. The majority of these students (77%) have found employment in Canadian industry. The latest Graduate Students Directory is available for access.

Intellectual Property Protection:

Micronet funds can be used to cover for up to 50% of the costs associated with a patent application. In addition, Micronet can assist in setting up contacts with potential industry investors.

Seed funding for Prototype Development:

Micronet’s STRAD Program, can be used to provide seed funding for advanced product or prototype development. Matching funds from industrial partners are required.

Facilitate the Creation of Spin-off Companies:

Micronet can assist in evaluating the potential for commercialization of technology, develop strategies for enlisting private sector partners and for licensing intellectual property.

Micronet holds Workshops aimed at increasing awareness within the Network of issues related to licensing and protection of intellectual property as well as starting new commercial ventures.

Free Software:


D-Filter is a Windows software package that can be used to analyze and design digital filters. 

FPGA CAD Software

This software is made available through the Toronto FPGA Research Group. Categories of this software include:


  • Placement and Routing
  • Synthetic Digital Circuit Benchmark Generation and Characterization of Digital Circuits
  • Hardware Description Language Synthesis for FPGAs
  • Technology Mapping